Dawn of Tribe 0.3.0 Pre-Alpha

Hi everybody, welcome to the 0.3.0 devlog! The main thing in this update is bug fixing, there are TONS of bug fixes and little ameliorations that make the game more enjoyable! Here is a precise list:

  • Better camera
  • Items infos and descriptions in workbench
  • Change wood to sticks
  • Easier objects picking
  • Tools wear and destroy after a certain number of uses
  • Better scene
  • Task system to guide the player
  • Better menu
  • Music (menu and night theme)
  • Sounds effects (task completed, eating)
  • Flatten terrain when you place fondations
  • Interactable terrain trees and rocks (much better performance than single gameobjects!!)
  • Change time period (prehistory -> antiquity -> etc.) and unlock new buildings
  • Almost all 3D models for Antiquity (only 2 are currently implemented) : villa, building, house, windmill, church, blacksmith, well, place with a fontain
  • Settings in pause menu
  • TONS of bug fixes
  • And much more little things!


Dawn of Tribe 0.3.0 Windows.zip 137 MB
Oct 01, 2017
Dawn of Tribe 0.3.0 Mac.app.zip 151 MB
Oct 01, 2017
Dawn of Tribe 0.3.0 Linux.zip 155 MB
Oct 01, 2017

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