Dawn of Tribe 0.2.0 Pre-Alpha

Hi everyone and welcome in this first devlog! Here is the list of features that have been added to the game

  • Show infos when right click on a citizen (job, social class, health, age, etc.)
  • Build ways to move merchandises
  • Show building infos (food quantity, citizens quantity, etc.)
  • Breeding system
  • Village ressources management
  • Global village infos (habitants count, child, etc.)
  • Manage citizens jobs
  • Farming : Neolithic Hoe, plowing system, neolithic shovel, digging system, irrigation system, planting seeds, vegetables, growing system, harvest system
  • Settings (graphics quality, invert camera up/down directions)
  • Cut grass dropping when used sickle
  • Grass and ways placing separated in 2 plans
  • Food bar, eat
  • Animals drop meat
  • Place dirt (increase terrain high at one point)


Dawn of Tribe 0.2.0 Windows.zip (286 MB)
127 days ago
Dawn of Tribe 0.2.0 Mac.app.zip (126 MB)
127 days ago
Dawn of Tribe 0.2.0 Linux.zip (129 MB)
127 days ago

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