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Global Idea

Survive in a hostile environnement and create the first houses for your tribe. Chop trees, mine stone, hunt animals, craft stone and wooden neolithic tools. Manage your tribe like you would in a city builder and discover new skills, new materials so that you can make your tribe prosper and grow through ages.

Todo List

  • Management mechanics: 2 months
  • Artificial intelligence (animals and NPCs): 2 months
  • Evolution through time: 3 months
  • Objectives and steps: 1 month
  • Bugs fixing, last details: 1 month

Time left: 9 months -> Game will be finished by the end of the year if everything's ok!


  • Survival mechanics: 3 months

I began developping the game the first of January with the challenge in mind of finishing it in 1 year!

About me

As you can guess, I am the only developer working on this game. My name is Sébastien, I'm a teenager and started computer programming when I was 7. I've always dreamed of creating my own game, but until now I didn't have the right skills. This game is a challenge for me because I want to prove to myself and others that one person can make a good indie game in 1 year, I work every day and until now, I meet the todo list deadlines ! :)

Currently working on

Management mechanics :

  • Show infos when right click on a citizen (job, social class, health, age, etc.) Done 16.04 09:11
  • Build ways to move merchandises Done 19.04 14:15
  • Build shops (clothing, tools, etc.)
  • Show building infos (food quantity, citizens quantity, etc.) Done 16.04 10:20
  • Bartering system
  • Merchandises moving
  • Village ressources management
  • Global village infos (habitants count, child, etc.) Done 20.04 11:18
  • Manage citizens jobs
  • Farming : Neolithic Hoe Done 27.04 17:42, plowing system, irrigation system, planting seeds, growing system, harvest system
  • have you go any ideas ? Share them in "Your suggestions / ideas" topic !


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Dawn of Tribe 0.1.0 [Windows] 263 MB


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