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Dawn of Tribe

Survive and manage your tribe through ages · By CodingArtists


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Wednesday Devlog #5
Heyyy I’m back with another devlog! I hope you had a wonderful christmas, and I wish you a happy new year in advance :) I. Farmers I’m continuing to impleme...
Wednesday Devlog #4
Heyyyy back after 2 weeks for a new Wednesday Devlog! Here are the features: I. Building animation II. New Job: Lumberjacks III. New Job: Foresters I’m workin...
Wednesday Devlog #3
Hellooo everyone and welcome to the third Wednesday Devlog! I’ve work so much for this one ^^ let’s see what’s new in the game: I. Units can now carry res...
Wednesday Devlog #2
Hiii everyone Welcome to the second Wednesday devlog! I didn’t add much to the game because I worked on little things that took much time but I still wanted t...
Wednesday Devlog #1
Hey everyone! Welcome to the very first wednesday I’m very happy to show you what I’ve been working on since the 0.3.0 update :) I. Village ressources I cre...
Dawn of Tribe 0.3.0 Pre-Alpha
Hi everybody, welcome to the 0.3.0 devlog! The main thing in this update is bug fixing, there are TONS of bug fixes and little ameliorations that make the game...
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Dawn of Tribe 0.2.0 Pre-Alpha
Hi everyone and welcome in this first devlog! Here is the list of features that have been added to the game Show infos when right click on a citizen (job, socia...
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If you find any bug in the game, please tell me here and I'll fix it as soon as possible !
started by CodingArtists Apr 12, 2017
7 replies
Here you can post your suggestions / ideas for the game ! I'm really open to everything consistent with the global idea...
started by CodingArtists Apr 12, 2017
23 replies